In this comprehensive workout plan, each 12-day cycle consists of 8 workouts and 4 rest days. Within each cycle, you will have 1 light workout and 1 heavy workout for each body part, totaling 2 workouts per body part, per cycle.

So let’s break everything down:

The key is to drink Matcha green tea daily.


I have watched clients drink Matcha on occasion, only 1-2 cups per week before workouts not understanding why they aren't experiencing the full potential.


You will always experience a boost of energy and endurance from one serving of Matcha before a workout but to see results in muscle toning and fat burning, this tea should be drunk on a regular basis. Matcha is truly the ideal pre workout food or drink!

It is ideal to drink Matcha regularly (2-3 times daily) and make sure that one of those hot or cold matcha lattes is within ½ hour before exercising...always use matcha as a pre workout food and try blending with protein powder!


One serving, about 1 tsp of Matcha, consumed pre-workout will help fuel and maintain the body.


Keep in mind that your endurance and even metabolism will increase gradually over a couple months. You will experience more energy on a daily basis along with your workouts by the time weeks 8-10 approach with drinking Matcha green tea lattes daily. 
If your goal is weight loss, next to a healthy diet and exercise, Matcha is one of nature's best and most natural aids, safe for almost every person.

Matcha naturally increases your body's energy and heat production during cardio and resistance training which tells the body to burn more calories, specifically fat calories, resulting in weight loss.


Those using Matcha regularly can burn up to four times more calories per workout session. I have found that your metabolism can increase as much as 30-40% simply through drinking matcha daily and incorporating it into your workout. Matcha is one of natures best way to lose weight, especially unwanted fat loss!

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