Matcha Green Tea and Yoga:

a Match Made in Heave

  matcha Green tea & YOGA The Ultimate Relaxation


Matcha tea is celebrated not just because it tastes good and has been put into all kinds of interesting treats, but because it is even better for us than regular green tea. 

Matcha and Yoga - Why do they compliment each other?


Brings about mental stability 

We train to control our breathing and meditate through a variety off postures when doing yoga. In doing so, we reduce considerable stress in both our minds and bodies. Similarly, when drinking matcha, we experience a calming effect that stimulates the heart and helps soothe our nervous systems. A cup of matcha 15 mins before or after each session will suffice. 


Improves focus

While trying to hold postures for a few minutes, we learn how to center our thoughts and block away our distractions. Yoga helps us ground and stabilise our mind and body both on and off the mat. Likewise, matcha’s caffeine properties also helps keep you awake, hence enabling better concentration. With this new found focus, it will in turn enable us to absorb information more quickly and accurately through the day. 


Weight Loss

At work or in school, we tend to snack a lot and sit in one position without moving around much. These are bad habits that can be easily fixed by being a little more mindful of your diet and inactivity. There are smart ways to sneak yoga into your daily routine. This can be anything from simple stretches every two hours and standing up once in a while while working. Drinking green tea is also a great replacement for those high-calorie, unhealthy, and sugary snacks. Green tea also contains zero calories and works wonders.



Being non-stop on the move on a daily basis is incredibly tiring. Some types of yoga such as Yin and Hatha yoga will help us relax the same way matcha does after a hectic day at work. Both have a soothing and mildly sedative effect on the body. Slower and more meditative forms of yoga will help stretch and relax your muscles. It enables your joints to move through its full range of motions which in turn allows you to unwind and decompress. Matcha is also a natural and great way to drink your way to calmness and serenity.

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