The Entrepreneur

 2000 Olympic athlete  has launched his own TEA BRAND  and COMPANY to help promote healthy lifestyle.

As an athlete I pursued a career in health and wellness after competing in Track and Field on the WORLD STAGE.

In 2002 i decided to start a personal fitness business which he became successful.,i therefore decided not to just stop there  in 2018 i officially launching  my  TEA  BRAND  "TeatoxbyDrew," on December 27, 2018.

"Now I have ventured into the wellness part of my career to help others not only to become physically fit on the outside, but to become physically fit inward as well.

TEATOXBYDREW: The Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body

Its not just TEA, its a LIFESTYLE

The Athlete

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If you know Drew, you’ll understand his COMMITMENT TO FITNESS. He’s always led an active lifestyle and his comfort zone is found in adrenaline-induced activities such as track & field. He believes in STRONG, CONFIDENT, PAIN-FREE movement at the speed of LIFE and is passionate about helping people of all fitness levels (from soccer moms to pro-level athletes) achieve their goals.


Olympian Drew attended the Abilene Christian University , Abilene, Texas where he captured an NCAA National Championship in 1996-1997.

Events: 60m/ 100m / 200m / 400m


2000  Sydney Olympics
2000 Top USA #10 100 Meter Runner
1999 World Championships ( World Rank)
1997 NCAA National Champion
1997 World Ranked Distance Med.
1997 Texas Sports Dynasty Awarded Athlete
1994 & 1996 Western State Conference Champion
2017 USA National Indoors Champion ( 2 GOLD MEDALS)
2017 USA Southern California  Regional Champion
2016 & 2017 USATF Southern Cal Assoc, Champion

        ( 4 GOLD MEDALS)


TeatoxbyDrew is a innovative Tea company focused on offering, organic healthy tea to help our customers live and lead a healthier lifestyle.

We have an extreme concentration on healthy living and hope our products assist you on your journey to living a healthier and happier life.

Drew, started the company because he was looking for a healthy alternative to his daily soda. Soda may be tasty but studies show drinking soda and coffee can increase rates of heart disease and high blood pressure.


 So after doing research and meeting with leaders in the tea industry, TeatoxbyDrew Tea Company was born and Matcha Tea was chosen as our premier product.


Matcha Tea was chosen because of its many health benefits and limited processing when being produced. We can't forget matcha has 500 years of history of being used for a natural health elixir.  

Its not just TEA, its a LIFESTYLE

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